CactusBase Pro Information - Upgrade to v.1.6.1.

1. Special installation instructions
2. Features and fixes
3. Support & Contact points


1. Special Installation Instructions

Important - The CactusBase Pro software needs to be present on your system. This upgrade only adds/changes files needed for the upgrade. The CactusBase Pro Installation and Quick Startup Guide provides full installation instructions for installing the original software.

Any previous CactusBase patches have been incorporated into this upgrade and therefore do not need to be installed prior to this upgrade. This upgrade can be installed on toip of nay previous patches that have already been installed.

1. Download the upgrade.

2. The upgrade is held in a compressed zip file. Windows XP automatically displays the contents and decompresses this file when viewed in Explorer. Other Windows versions (95, 98, ME, 2000) require an unzipping utility such as WinZip to Unzip the contents of the file to a location on your system.

3. Once contents of file are unzipped (or viewed in XP using Explorer), locate the autoinstaller.exe (or just autoinstaller if the .exe file entension is not visible). Double click on it to run autoinstaller.

4. The autoinstaller shows what files are being upgrade. Make sure they all have a tick next to them unless you have a good reason not to install a particular file (eg. a large literature database file may be included which you do not want installed).

5. Click on 'Start Update' and wait a few minutes. It may seem that nothing is happening but please wait for the message to appear saying that the install is successful. If after a few minutes this message does not appear or the message indicates a failed install then please contact CactusBase Support.

6. The upgrade has finished. Normally a system reboot is not needed and the new CactusBase can be run straight way in the normal way. Check the version number on the startup splash screen or by going into About on the Help menu. If the version is not correct or CactusBase fails to load then try a system reboot. If this still does not correct the problem then contact CactusBase Support.


2. New features/fixes since 1.5.3

* Added Synonym cross reference to Desert Tropicals Encyclopedia look up.
* Added Fahrenheit/Celsius option to Culitvation parameters. Option available in the Options screen.
* Added ability to display more that 6 pictures in the Picture Toolbar.
* Ability to print multiple pictures (including Historical ones), up to 10, on the PrintForm utlility.
* Added field in Main Collection for Short Notes.
* Send Height/width info and date changed from Entry Info to Historical Info at a press of a button on the Entry Info screen.
* Added a 'Copy Entry' function to the Edit menu. Only copies the main entry info, not the sub records such as notes, flowering, hybrid or history etc.

* Picture location directory. Does not use default picture directory location if there are no files in the directory. Corrected.
* Desert Tropicals Encyclopedia look up crashing software when looking up an entry that contains just a genus name and no species. Corrected.
* Sequence of tabbing in the User Definable fields is inconsistent between databases. Corrected.
* Send Propagation Entry to Main Database Function. Not translating items when sending to Main Collection Notes. Corrected.
* Send Propagation Entry to Main Database Function. Not transferring info from user Definable fields or notes. Corrected.
* PictureManager. When adding a picture an error 'Bad filename or number ' appears when closing the window using the top right X button. Corrected.
* The Pie Chart is showing values and portions incorrectly. Corrected.
* The Age field does not always work. Corrected.
* Col No in Propagation database - tooltip not being translated into other languages. Corrected.
* Propagation Entry - Cannot add a new entry to later versions of CactusBase, get errors ' item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal' and ' error - 94- invalid use of null ' when Treeview is visible. Corrected.
* Detection of CD Drives failing. Program enters a loop requiring a forced shutdown due to virtual drives on the system. Corrected.


3. Support and Contact points

If possible, in the first instance, please check out the troubleshooting pages on the website.

For CactusBase Pro, Lexicon of Cacti Names and XeroSearch please contact the following:-

Mail:- Mike Whitlock, 38 Alexandra Road, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 8HS. UK
Phone:- 0044 (0)1268 743758 (18:00 - 21:00 GMT weekdays; 11:00 - 21:00 weekends)

For Encyclopedia of Cacti and Succulents



Enjoy using the software package/s !!