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CactusBase Pro translation

What is this

CactusBase Pro currently does not contain the ability to display in any other language except English. There is now a multi-language capable version of CactusBase Pro in the final stages of testing. The first translations look set to be Dutch, Hungarian, Russian and Spanish. The French translation contains the items from CactusBase v.2.75 but requires a new translator to complete the extra items in CactusBase Pro. Translation should be possible in any language including non Western alphabets. 

What is involved

Four parts to this:-

Translation of the software's user interface (CactusBase Pro and a couple of CactusBase utilities)
Translation of the Help files
Translation of documentation (eg. Quick Start Guide, readme.txt file) 
Translation of the Install scripts

Translation of the software's user interface

In the past CactusBase has used a Translat file which holds all the various text components in multiple languages together with a reference number which is used by the software to determine where each component is used. This file is in a simple text format which makes it ideal for editing in nothing more than Notepad. If a component (Field names, Button names, Title bar names, messages etc.) has not been assigned a foreign text then it displays the English version together with the reference number for easy location in the Translat file. It allows changing of the foreign language displayed 'on the fly' in CactusBase. A new utility has been added to the CactusBase Pro user interface (see picture below) which makes translation of each item so much easier including the ability to search for items and also find items that are not yet translated. 

The Translator user interface in CactusBase Pro multi-language edition allows the easy changing of specific items (eg. Buttons, labels, messages, menus etc) and checking the changes immediately within CactusBase. Specific items such as item Id 507 can be instantly be displayed in the Translator and the appropriate language label changed. The refresh button allows instant display of the results on the CactusBase screen. Languages can be instantly changed on the fly to see what the CactusBase screens look like in the different languages already available. Items can be searched using the Find textbox and items that are still to be translated can be found by clicking on the arrow next to the language being translated. The Translator also allows the data in CactusBase 2 - 2.75 data files to be translated in the foreign language.
The CactusBase user interface displays the translation item Ids next to the items that have not yet been translated (eg. <506>). This makes finding items to translate much easier and shows instant results once the item is translated and the Refresh button is used in the Translator utility.



Translation of the Help files

A Microsoft Word document has been produced that consists of all the Help file contents in one column and a second column ready for translation into the foreign language. A Windows Help file is then generated from the document.

Translation of documentation

Readme.txt files can easily be changed using a text editor such as Notepad. Quick User Guide will be supplied as a Word template into which a foreign translation can be produced.


This is a high priority task now that CactusBase Pro English edition has been released. Although the multi-language version is in the final testing stages, this version is deemed suitable enough for distribution to translators. Therefore translators are required now.

How do I get involved

I am interested in hearing from you if you would like to help translate CactusBase Pro into a language of your choice. If the language is already being translated then please still let me know if you are interested as I can keep you on record if future translations are required.


Obviously a sound knowledge of the language being produced and also of English. Interest in the Cactus field would be advantageous to know what the various elements in CactusBase are referring to. Ability to send and receive email as well as email attachments. Access to MS Word would be beneficial, particularly MS Word 2000 or XP but not essential. A unzipping utility such as WinZip is also desirable to allow updates to be sent by email with minimal download times.

What is in it for me

Free copy of CactusBase Pro and all future updates. The possibility, if so wished, to become a CactusBase distributor for Countries using primarily the language you have translated, gaining excellent royalties from any sales made. Note - No other royalties on sales made elsewhere will be payable. Most of all, being involved in a dynamic and rewarding project to allow Cactophiles to use CactusBase in a language other than English.

Translators receive a full copy of the English edition of CactusBase Pro as well as a Translation Package consisting of a 'How to translate' document, multi-language version of CactusBase Pro and various utilities to help with translation.

What to do now

If you are genuinely interested in translating CactusBase Pro then please email me with details on the language/s you are interested in translating at translation@cactusbase.net

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mike Whitlock


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