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CactusBase Pro has been reviewed in the following publications:-

British Cactus & Succulent Society Journal vol.20(2). June 2002. (reviewed by David Neville)
"Offers good value for money and a host of useful features"
"...you can store information... in more detail than you ever dreamed of."
"Lexicon of Cacti Names... provides a useful reference source"


Succulenta vol.82(5). October 2003. (reviewed by Paul Laney and Peter van der Puyl)

Following comments translated from the original Dutch article
"CactusBase Pro is a pleasant working software package for recording a lot of things regarding the cactus and succulent hobby"
"I get a perfect idea of how (Ed. successful) is the sowing and flowering of my plants"
"Through the years (Ed. CactusBase) improved itself in such a way that I can do almost everything with it"

Full article - See here the full English transcript of the article (many thanks to Paul Laney for translating and allowing viewing of the article)