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Detailed info on features of CactusBase Pro

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Graphs / Charts
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The Graph/Chart facility is a powerful utility for representing data held on the databases. Either predefined or use defined (customized) graphs and charts can be produced. A graph can be produced in a large range of graph types (eg. bar, line, pie, scatter etc) and practically any element on the graph can be customized. Powerful printing options are available to output the graph onto paper. The graph can be exported in a number of different formats (image, text, HTML, XML and Excel) for incorporation into other computer applications. The Chart columns can be repositioned, sorted and the chart can be printed.

A number of graphs are pre-defined for instant access or can be customised using a new Graph Customisation interface .

Favourite graph customisation settings can be saved and re-used later in the current database or any database of the same type

Graphs can be saved and loaded later

Graph is interactive allowing the scrolling of graph data if it does not fit on one screen, rotation, zooming and calling up the very powerful Chart Editor


Chart Editor

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The Chart Editor is a powerful utility to enable practically every element of the chart to be edited. It is accessed by double clicking on the anywhere in the Chart window or by selecting the Chart Editor button on the chart toolbar. The Chart Editor contains its own help file which is accessed by using the F1 key on your keyboard. Here is, by no means exhaustive, list of functions of the Chart Editor:-


         Change Chart Type 

o   Bar

o   Horizontal Bar

o        Area

o        Point

o        Pie

o        Fast Line

o        Horizontal Line

o        ImageBar

o        WindRose

o        LinePoint

o        BarJoin

o        Candle

o        ImagePoint

o        Bezier

o        Donut

o        Pyramid


         Change Chart Type display

o        3D on or off

o        Many chart specific changes

         Chart General settings

o        Margins

o        Zoom


o        Display

o        Titles (typeface, size, colour etc)

o        Scale

o        Position

o        Ticks


o        Display

o        Main Title

o        Sub Title

o        Footer

o        Sub-footer

o        Position

o        Format

o        Style


o        Display

o        Position

o        Format

o        Style


o        Picture

o        Gradient effects

o        Borders

          Chart Walls

o        Display

o        Style

         3D settings

o        Percentage

o        Orthogonal

o        Zoom

o        Rotation angle

o        Elevation angle

o        Perspective

o        OpenGL functions (if available)

         Tabulated data display


o        Add annotations

o        Axis arrows

o        Draw lines

o        Drag marks

o        Insert image


o        Image formats (BMP, Metafile, JPG, PNG, GIF, PCX)

o        Native data

o        Data (Text, XML, HTML, Excel formats)

o        Copy to clipboard

o        Save to file

o        Send to open application


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