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Detailed info on features of CactusBase Pro

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Search Facility This is a powerful facility for filtering entries held in the database based on setting up one or more criteria
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This contains a large number of new search parameters. Here is a selection of new features:-

Specifying a * in most fields will search and display entries that contain something in this field

Specifying a ? in most fields will search and display entries that do not contain anything in this field

Most text based fields (eg.name) use the wildcard character * eg. Crassul* and *assul* will find all Crassulas on the database

Most numeric based fields (eg. Price, size, no of flowers etc.) allow exact matches (eg. 30) or relative matches (eg. <30, >30).  


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Reset resets all the search parameters back to default values (clicking on search should show all entries)

Search Criteria allows the saving and re-use of search criteria sets. The sets are applied on top of whatever criteria are already set making it possible to apply more than one criteria set before running the search.  

The list of entries displayed in the search can be sent and displayed in TableView to allow more detailed printing of the list.. 


TableView Displays entries on file in a tabulated form.
TableView.gif (18563 bytes) By using the left mouse button on the Table columns the columns can be resized, renamed, added, removed, sorted (ascending or descending) and changed. Double clicking on an entry will open the corresponding Entry Info Card.  

Multiple rows, either in continuous or separated blocks, can be highlighted by using the left mouse button together with CTRL or SHIFT keys. The highlighted rows can then be printed in table format or the whole list printed. Print Preview function can be used to make sure the columns output on paper clearly.


TreeView Displays entries on file in a hierarchical form
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Wanted List

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Same format as TableView this function allows a list of desired plants to be kept and printed ready for taking to a nursery or cactus sales. Could use the Notes column to add a priority to obtaining a plant and then sort the Table on priority. When a database entry is set to a deceased status you can optionally get CactusBase to automatically open the Wanted and readied for immediate adding of the entry to the list. 


Treatment & Repotting Planner

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Keep track of plants that need repotting or when treatments are scheduled. 

Can specify the repotting intervals depending on pot size.

Automatically schedule treatments at yearly, half yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly intervals. Can now store notes on treatments.


Year Notes

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Keep general notes of the year. Useful for spotting or investigating trends such as poor flowering or high fatality rates.  

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