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Detailed info on features of CactusBase Pro

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Mdi.jpg (71556 bytes) Full Multi-Document Interface – The CactusBase screens all reside in a parent container which can be resized, minimised, maximised etc.

Standard look and feel of a normal Windows program – toolbar, statusbar, standard menus, tooltips, standard Splash screen and About box.  

There is no concept of ‘Save File’ anymore. This is a standard database application now using the MS JET database (as used by Microsoft Access). The database file is effectively saved as soon as any changes are made on the CactusBase screens.  
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Properties – shows some information on the currently loaded database
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Options – this opens the Options window which used to be known as Properties in CactusBase v.2. A whole host of user definable options are available.  Automatic add to wanted list - this will automatically allows the adding of the plant name to the wanted list if its status is changed to deceased. Remember last database file opening. Remember window sizes and positions. Auto backup settings. What screen to open on startup. Autocultivation settings. Turn on or off slideshow of pictures on Entry Info Cards.
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Make your own User definable fields. Add extra common items to dropdown lists such as adding Bulb to the Type dropdown, Humid Greenhouse to Location dropdown etc. Set a default purchase date to save having to keep type it in when entering a new batch of database entries.
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CactusBase backdrop window settings. With or without a picture. Choose a picture of your own or select one of the specially designed ones supplied with CactusBase, designed to be unobtrusive.  


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Backdrops can be set to randomly change every time CactusBase is opened or even change continuously while CactusBase is open as a slideshow - time interval being configurable.
Entry Info Card Many new fields. Eg. Form, Condition, Price, Value, Height, Width, Pot shape, Pot type,  many new fields for recording flowering details  
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The Main Entry Info Card can be expanded or contracted to show only the most commonly used fields. The picture on the left shows the same record expanded and contracted. 

A picture of the entry can now be displayed on the Info card itself. This can be cycled either manually or automatically (Slideshow) to show all the pictures held on the particular entry.

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The inbuilt Picture Manager and Picture Browser helps assign picture files to particular entries. The Picture Manager allows pictures to be added, removed and re-ordered.  Up and down arrows on the Entry Info Card through the pictures assigned to the Entry Card. Double clicking on the picture expands the picture to its normal size and allows a caption to be entered and notes about the picture to be recorded.  
AutoColNo.gif (8531 bytes) Automatic Collection Number Generator allows the next Collection Number that is available to be assigned to the database Identification field (eg. Col. No.). For example, if you have an Identification numbering system MWnnn where nnn is an incrementing number then the database will assign the next available number when asked to fill in the Identification field.  This function is configurable at file, database and database type levels. 
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New field, Form – Can select multiple items from this listbox (eg. Variegated and Cristate).  

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The Flowering Record screen is completely new to CactusBase.

Allows the recording of eleven parameters to do with the entries flowers

The recording of each flowering years flower totals – both total for the year and total for each month of the year. The button with a ‘<’ next to the total parameter automatically calculates the total for the year from the figures specified in the month fields.


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The More button on the Entry Info Card accesses more rarely used parameters grouped by tabs into Classification and Show record
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Notes button – allows a large amount of notes to be taken using a Notepad style window. Font and fontsize can be changed for each record.
WYSIWYG PrintForm Facility

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The PrintForm facility allows the setting up of the layout to use to print the Entry Info Card. Each element, whether it is a data item, a frame or a picture, can be moved, resized or removed completely. The font and font colour of both the title (Header) and the data (Body) elements  can be independently changed. The background picture can be changed or removed and the frames can be set to any colour or made transparent. What you see is what to get printed.

Once set up the layouts can be saved and reused in the future. 




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