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Detailed info on features of CactusBase Pro

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Backup and Restore Utility 

CactusBase Pro contains an inbuilt backup function that can be configured to automatically backup the currently opened database file either every session or every week or month. Backups can also be activated on demand. The inbuilt restore utility can be used to retrieve data from a previously backed database file


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CactusBase Converter Utility

This is used to convert old CactusBase data files to the new CactusBase Pro format.

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CactusBase Migrator Utility

This is used to convert general data tables such as treatments, Year Notes, Wanted List etc from the old CactusBase to the new CactusBase Pro database 

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A cactus word puzzle for times when entering data becomes too much and you need a break. Find the hidden cactus and or succulent genera in a random grid of letters. Updated to reveal and hide the solution.

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Online Help 

CactusBase Pro is now provided with comprehensive online help. The help is context sensitive which means that the relevant help page is displayed according to where you are in the database.  

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Lexicon of Cacti Names Millennium Edition

CactusBase Pro is supplied with the full Lexicon software. For full details click here

Encyclopedia of Cacti and Succulents (Optional)
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  Produced by Desert Tropicals (www-desert-tropicals.com)  

v       Integrated with CactusBase Pro. Display the details from the Encyclopedia Cd on the current database entry. Display all the pictures on the Cd on the current database entry.

v       HTML based system using your default web browser.

v       Each genus contains its own description page.

v       Each species contains its description page including cultivation requirements.

v       Contains several articles which contain pictures.

v       Over 2000 species described and photographed.

v       Over 4000 pictures, many in high resolution.

v       Includes various indexes including an index to common names.

v       Fantastic pictorial reference.

v       Exceptional value for money.  


New Version 4.0

  • New Field collection data
  • Over 700 extra species, hundreds more high res photos
  • New Search function
  • New articles
  • SAME price, even better value for money!


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