Lexicon of Cacti names Troubleshooting

The database appears to have 'locked up' ie clicking on a button has no apparent effect

On loading a data file the program aborts or crashes

The database appears to be sluggish

Printer Troubleshooter









        Symptoms of problem

        Possible reasons

A number of printer manufacturers now provide their own custom Printer Drivers that communicate between the PC and the Printer. It is possible that The Lexicon is not compatible with a particular custom Printer Driver in use. The program has been designed to use the common Printer Driver that is supplied with Microsoft Windows for the printer in use.

Possible cure  

This has been corrected with an update which can be downloaded from here or by following the work around detailed below:

If possible try to get the latest printer driver from the manufacturer of the printer. After installing the latest driver the problem may be solved. If this is not possible or the problem persists then try following this workaround:


1.      The first step is to add a new printer using the normal Microsoft Windows printer driver if you do not already have one set up on your system. Use the following steps (I will use and Hewlett Packard Deskjet printer as an example).

a.      Click on the Start button and select Settings > Printers

b.      This will show which printers are set up on your system. In my case I see a HP Deskjet 970C series printer which was installed by the Hewlett Packard printer software.

c.      Double click on the Add Printer icon and select the printer manufacturer closest to your particular printer (in my Case HP) and then select the   Printer model (in my case HP Deskjet). This should add a new Printer icon to your Printers window (in my case HP Deskjet).

2.      Right click on the printer icon just installed and select ‘set as default’.

3.      Run The Lexicon. It should now be possible to print and select Printer Setup and Printer Font Setup.

4.      You may find that you want to use the manufacturers printer driver in other software as it may contain extra bells and whistles over that provided by the Microsoft printer driver. I would suggest adding both the manufacturers and Microsofts printer setups to the Lexicon Start menu as follows:

a.      Select from the Start button > Settings > Printers

b.      Right click on the printer icon just installed (ie. The Microsoft printer driver). Select Create shortcut. A message will appear saying that a shortcut cannot be made here. Click on the yes button – this will add the shortcut icon to your desktop.

c.      Close all windows so that you can see your desktop and see the Shortcut to your printer icon. Right click on this icon and select cut.

d.      Select from the Start button > Programs > Lexicon of Cacti Names (important – do not select any items) and right click and select paste. This will paste the printer shortcut in the Lexicon of Cacti Names group.

e.      Follow steps a to d but instead of producing a shortcut for the Microsoft printer driver produce a shortcut for the manufacturers printer driver in the Lexicon of Cacti Names start menu.

f.        You should now have the two printer drivers shortcuts in the Start button > Programs > Lexicon of Cacti Names group. Before running The Lexicon double click on the Microsoft printer driver. This will open the printer window. From the Printer menu select ‘Set as Default’ and then close the window. The Lexicon should now print ok.

g.      When you close The Lexicon you can select the manufacturers printer driver shortcut from the Start button > Programs > Lexicon of Cacti Names group and set it as default in the same way as in step f.


This work around is not ideal. The problem with using certain printer manufacturers custom printer drivers is being looked into with the aim of removing this problem. Please check the website www.cactusbase.net occasionally to find out news on this.




If the above tips do not help the problem you are experiencing please contact Mike Whitlock, 38 Alexandra Road, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 8HS. UK or preferably send an email with the data file being used attached to cactusbase@aol.com. Please supply as much information as possible such as

We can then attempt to diagnose and fix the problem. In the past, where errors in the software have been identified as being potentially serious (eg. so as to lose data) free updates have been sent to all current Lexicon version users. It is therefore important to let Mike Whitlock or cactusbase@aol.com know of any change to your postal or email addresses so that updates can be sent.