CactusBase Demo

Only a demo of the older CactusBase v.2.75 can be downloaded here. The new CactusBase Pro requires a large number of support files to provide the MS Jet database engine that it uses which makes download unsuitable.

Although CactusBase Pro has changed considerably from the CactusBase v.2.75 we have still provided the v.2.75 demo for download to allow some idea of what the software is all about.

Download CactusBase 2.75 demo file:

NEW!    CactusBase v.2.75 Demo

This file will take approximately 7 minutes to download at 28Kbp

This file will take approximately 1-2 minutes to download at 56kbp

  What it does

What it does not do

Downloading and Installing the Demo


Uninstalling the demo


Have Fun!!