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CactusBase Pro has been in development for quite a considerable time as the software has been re-written using the latest technology . The software benefits from a large number of new features.

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Summary of new features of CactusBase Pro

Full Multi-Document Interface – The CactusBase screens all reside in a parent container which can be resized, minimised, maximised etc.

Standard look and feel of a normal Windows program – toolbar, statusbar, standard menus, tooltips, standard Splash screen and About box.

There is no concept of ‘Save File’ anymore. This is a standard database application now using the MS JET database (as used by Microsoft Access*). The database file is effectively saved as soon as any changes are made on the CactusBase screens.

CactusBase Converter Utility – Converts old CactusBase files (.dat files) to the new Pro database files.  

CactusBase Migrator Utility - Migrates old CactusBase v.2 or greater files to the new Pro format

CactusBase Backup and Restore Utility - This utility can be easily configured to automatically backup the currently open database either every session, or if the data is over a week old or over a month old.

Options – A large number of items in CactusBase Pro can be configured such as the items that appear in dropdown selection lists (for example it allows user definable Type, Status and Location parameters to be set or deleted (a good example is adding Bulb to Type and Greenhouse2 to Location)), background settings, slideshow settings, backup database settings, Collection number auto generation settings etc.

Find Entry Info function– Now allows wildcards if only part of a name is given eg. Crassula* and  *nana*.  


Entry Info Card

  1. Many new fields. Eg. Form, Condition, Price, Value, Height, Width, Pot shape, Pot type, and many new fields for recording flowering details

  2. Predictive text in Purchased from drop down list. Start typing the first few letters of a nursery and the software will try to match with a previously used nursery name and fill the rest in.

  3. Automatic Collection Number Generator allows the next Collection Number that is available to be assigned to the database Identification field (eg. Col. No.).

  4. Picture Manager - Assign an unlimited number of pictures to each Collection database and Photographic database record. The Entry Info Card allows a picture to be displayed. Optionally add Notes to each picture.

  5. Flowering Record - Allows the recording of many data items to do with the plants flowering record. Record monthly and yearly flowering totals, type of flower, when first and last flowered etc.

  6. Auto cultivation - Assigns normal cultivation conditions (amount of light, water and heat needed and soil type). Cultivation tables are now more easily configured using Cultivation Table Manager
  7. Auto Classification - Classification Tables provided in CactusBase allow the automatic assignment of Family, Sub-family, Class and Sub-class to the plant entry.
  8. Notes – Now allows a large amount of notes to be taken using a Notepad style window. Font and fontsize can be changed on each record
  9. Printing - Can now define and save layout to use when sending the data to a printer using the new WYSIWYG screen editor. CactusBase Pro is supplied with several pre-defined layouts. Pictures can be printed alongside the data.


Search Facility – This contains a large number of new search parameters.
  1. Wildcard searches can now be specified
  2. Searches for data items not containing data can be made (useful to check whether any entries have been missed)
  3. Numeric based searches allow exact matches (eg. 30) or relative matches (eg. <30, >30).
  4. Reset search criteria at a click of a button
  5. Save and reuse Search Criteria – allows the saving and re-use of search criteria sets.
  6. Show search output entries in TableView mode 
  7. Export or Delete search output entries.


TableView – This has undergone major revision and has the following features:-
By using the left mouse button on the Table Columns, the following can be done with the columns:-
Sorted (ascending or descending)
Double clicking on an entry will still open the corresponding Entry Info Card


TreeView A new mode for viewing the entries on file which consists of showing all the genera at one level in a tree representation followed by the species in each genera. 


Wanted List – same features as TableView  
More treatment rows available
Easily set up dates for when treatment was last made and scheduled to next be made
Store notes on each treatment
Graphs / Charts
A very powerful graphing tool has been incorporated in CactusBase Pro together with a powerful user interface for setting up the data to be graphed.  

Either pre-defined or user defined (customized) graphs and charts can be produced. A graph can be produced in a large range of graph types (eg. bar, line, pie, scatter etc) and practically any element on the graph can be customized. 

Powerful printing options are available to output the graph onto paper. The graph can be exported in a number of different formats (Image, text, HTML, XML and Excel) for incorporation into other computer applications. The Chart columns can be repositioned, sorted and the chart can be printed.

Miscellaneous new features – 
The Seed Raising database has been changed to a Propagation database and several changes made to make the database useful for recording general propagation activities rather than just seed raising.
The background window of CactusBase can be set to show a favourite picture. A random picture can be automatically displayed each time CactusBase loads or even a slideshow of pictures from a specified folder on your system. CactusBase Pro is supplied with several pictures in a style suitable for showing as a non intrusive background.
Lexicon of Cacti Names Millennium Edition - Supplied with CactusBase Pro and integrated with the CactusBase application (call up the relevant Lexicon record from within the plant entry in CactusBase
XeroSearch wordsearch type game - this has been updated so that the answer to the puzzle can be displayed and hidden again. Great for producing wordsearch puzzles in magazines, newsletters etc.
Updates to supplied Literature Modules
Last database file remembered for instant opening the next type CactusBase is loaded. The file menu, in addition, remembers the last 5 database files opened for easy selection.
Window positions are remembered.
Properties of the database such as size, when created, when last modified and number of records on file can be displayed.  
Integration with Desert Tropicals ‘Encyclopedia of Cacti and Succulents’ CD-Rom allowing the relevant encyclopedia page/picture to be displayed from within CactusBase.

Enhanced WYSIWYG printout of lists and information cards

  • Picture Strip displays a row of pictures in a plant record is associated with more than one. Picture can be expanded by clicking on the relevant Picture Strip picture.
  • Fully integrated and comprehensive online help.
Ability to select either the First Entry Info Card, TableView, TreeView or Search Facility to automatically open when CactusBase is loaded


Automatic adding of an entry to the wanted list if you set it to a deceased condition or status if desired.  


Setting of a default date to automatically add to new entries as you enter them.


Year Notes allows more details to be stored.


Call up CactusBase Internet site and setup email easily from within the application.


Many CactusBase screens such as the Entry Info Card and Search Facility can be collapsed and expanded to remove clutter.



 Encyclopedia of Cacti and Succulents CD-Rom (optional extra) –   

  • v       Produced by Desert Tropicals (www-desert-tropicals.com)

    v       Integrated with CactusBase Pro.

    v       HTML based system using your default web browser.

    v       Each genus contains its own description page.

    v       Each species contains its description page including cultivation requirements.

    v       Contains several articles which contain pictures.

    v       Over 1500 species described and photographed.

    v       Over 4000 pictures, many in high resolution.

    v       Includes various indexes including an index to common names.

    v       Fantastic pictorial reference.

    v       Exceptional value for money.


All this supplied on Cd-Rom.

* Note - Microsoft Access is not required to run CactusBase Pro. Even though the same database engine is used in CactusBase Pro this engine is supplied with CactusBase Pro. 


This is just a selection of some of the new features available in the new version. 

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